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We need clean, accurate, 640 x 480 pictures of Sun hardware.   We have collected what we can, but would like to have a complete and standardized set of photos for all pieces of hardware in Sun's inventory.

We would like to include the following pictures for each system in this archive:

1.   A shot of the logo straight on.   ie:

2.   A three dimensional shot of the piece from the front/side.   ie:

3.   A direct shot of the back (where all the ports are).   ie:

4.   A shot of the inside (prefer straight on shot).   ie:

5+.   Any other relevant shots.

For components such as Sbus cards and other peripherals please send enough pictures to get the point accross.

I will resize the photos as necessary, ie. for the logo and thumbnails.   jpg and png format preferred, please no gifs.   If you can help, send your images to osiah (at) sunstuff (dot) org.

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