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CPUs 1
Clock speed 25 MHz   (20 MHz co-processor)
Processor Motorola 68020
Co-processor Motoroal 68881
MMU Sun-3,   8 hardware contexts
Motherboard 501-1100,   501-1206
On-chip cache  
External cache 64 KB:   write-back,   direct-mapped,   virtually-indexed,   virtually-tagged,   16-byte lines,   80ns cycle
Memory 64 MB,   256 MB virtual
Uses ECC memory.
Up to 8 MB VME boards.
Sun 4/2xx 32 MB boards work up to 128 MB.
Speed 4 MIPS
Chassis type deskside
Bus (12) VME slots,   board size 9U
Ports (2) serial ports.
(1) AUI ethernet.
(1) ECL graphics.
(1) type 3 keyboard and mouse.
Internal storage In the upper third is a compartment for two disks (5.25" full height devices) and one tape drive or CD-ROM.
Graphics There is a black & white high resolution graphics card on the motherboard.
Color VME-Bus graphics cards can be used also.
Power supply 1000 watt
Architecture sun3
OS's supported First supported in SunOS 3.0.
Last supported in SunOS 4.1.1U1.
Notes Code-named "Sirius".
First sun with an off-chip cache.
Third party memory boards had up to 32 MB on one VME card.
SCSI optional.
Upgradeable to a 4/260 by replacing the motherboard.
See also.. 4/260

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