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4/E (SPARCengine 1) CPU VME 4M w/o Weitek

 VME bus interface, 6U form factor.  One SBus slot.

 From left to right with component side up and connector side nearest you
  (normal top edge at left), the rear edge of the board has: a 50-pin SCSI-2
  connector; an Ethernet connector; a keyboard/mouse connector; a serial port
  connector (port B, apparently DB9); eight LEDs (bit 0 to the left/top); a
  reset switch; and another serial port connector (port A, apparently DB9).

 Connector pinouts and form factors are unknown.

 There are a variety of jumper blocks.  All locations are given with component
  side up and connector side toward you.

  J0301 (single jumper in middle)
   Jump to enable 20MHz clock.                            JUMPED

  J0801 (3-pin jumper in far middle)
   1-2    Use 4M parity memory                            JUMPED
   2-3    Disable 4M parity memory

  J1701 (single jumper in middle far edge)
   Jump if CPU is installed in VME slot 1.                JUMPED

 Additional features of interest: the boot PROM is on a daughtercard in the
  near left.  The keyboard fuse F1101 and Ethernet fuse F0901 are near the
  keyboard connector and are not field replaceable.  The SBus connector is
  along the far edge, by one of the VME connectors.

 Note that boot PROM version 1.4 does not support SunOS 4.1e, but versions 1.5
  and 1.6 do.

 Note that boot PROM version 1.6 and daughtercard 500-8013-05 are installed on
  CPU 501-8035-12.  This daughtercard is required if a customer-supplied PROM
  is used with the 1.6 boot PROM; customer-supplied PROMs will not function on
  daughter cards 500-8013-04 or below, even if 1.6 boot PROMs are installed.

 Power requirements are +5V @ 5A, +12V @ 0.1A, and -12V @ 0.1A.


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