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4/25 (SPARCstation ELC) motherboard

 33MHz Fujitsu MB86903 or Weitek W8701, Sun-4c MMU with 8 hardware contexts.

 This board is an unusual shape because it is intended to slip into the
  vertical slot in the monitor case behind the tube.  It slides in from the
  top, I believe with the component side facing toward the front of the
  machine (all left/right orientations below assume you are looking down on the
  board from the rear of the machine).  On the bottom edge is an edge connector
  which supplies power and connects the CPU to the external signal connectors.

 There are no jumpers.

 Memory consists of up to four 4M or 16M x 33 72-pin SIMMs (501-1812 or
  501-1698 (4M), and 501-1822 (16M)). SIMM types may be mixed, and should be
  installed according to this table:

  total RAM         U0407   U0408   U0409   U0410
  ---------         -----   -----   -----   -----
     8M              4M              4M
     12M             4M      4M      4M
     16M             4M      4M      4M      4M
      or             16M
     20M             16M             4M
     24M             16M     4M              4M
     28M             16M     4M      4M      4M
     32M             16M             16M
     36M             16M     16M     4M
     40M             16M     16M     4M      4M
     48M             16M     16M     16M
     52M             16M     16M     16M     4M
     64M             16M     16M     16M     16M

 Additional features of interest: the boot PROM is a PLCC toward the upper
  right corner, at location U0806.  The NVRAM is to the right of the boot PROM
  at location U0813.  Ethernet fuse F0901 and SCSI fuse F0701 are toward the
  right bottom, near the edge connector, and are both non-replaceable PTC

 Note that the ELC was first supported in SunOS 4.1.1c.  Additionally, bug
  1047696 in the installation of SunOS 4.1.1 and 4.1.1 Rev B causes trouble
  when mixing 4M and 16M SIMMs.  "Install the 16MB SIMM in U0407 when
  installing miniunix."


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