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4/40 (SPARCstation IPC) motherboard 8M FCC-A

 25MHz MB86901A or LSI L64801. 25MHz SBus.

 From left to right, the rear edge of the board has: a 50-pin SCSI-2 connector;
  an Ethernet connector; two serial port connectors (ports B and A from left to
  right, apparently DB9); a 13W3 video connector; an 8-pin-DIN keyboard/mouse
  connector; and an audio connector.

 Connector pinouts and form factors are not known.

 Video output is analog monochrome with the following resolutions and sync
  frequencies: 1152 x 900 @ 61.8KHz horizontal, 66Hz vertical; 1152 x 900 @
  71.7HKz horizontal, 76Hz vertical; 1024 x 800 @ 71.7KHz horizontal, 85Hz
  vertical; and 1022 x 1000 @ 81.8KHz horizontal, 76Hz vertical.

 Memory is in the form of 1M (501-1697) or 4M (501-1625 or 501-1739) x 9 30-pin
  80ns SIMMs in three banks:

  Nearest disk connectors
    _______     _______
   |       |   |       |
   |   0   |   |   1   |
   |       |   |       |
   |_______|   |_______|

               |       |
               |   2   |
               |       |

  Nearest SBus connectors

  SIMMs must be identical within banks. If 4M SIMMs are used at all, fill bank
   0 with them first.

 There are a variety of jumpers. All locations are given with component side up
  and connector side toward you.

  J0710 (3-pin jumper by SBus slot 1, pin 1 to left)
   1-2    JUMPED by default
   2-3    Jump to bypass the S4_Video ASIC

  J0960 (3-pin jumper in near middle, pin 1 farthest)
   1-2    Jump for RS423 serial ports
   2-3    Jump for RS232 serial ports

  J0961 (3-pin jumper in near middle, pin 1 farthest)
   1-2    Jump for RS423 serial ports
   2-3    Jump for RS232 serial ports

  J1004 (block along right edge)
   Described only as "SAX". Apparently all pins jumped by default.

 Additional features of interest: the boot PROM is in the middle left edge at
  location U0902.  The NVRAM/TOD/ID chip is nearer than the boot PROM, at
  location U0901.  At the far edge, from left to right, are the power, floppy,
  speaker, and internal SCSI connectors.  The Ethernet (F0802) and SCSI (F0801)
  fuses are in the near left corner, P/N 150-1174. (150-1974 and 150-1162
  repsectively may also work?) The keyboard fuse F0901 is by serial port B, P/N
  150-1174 (150-1162?).

 Note that the IPC was first supported in SunOS 4.0.3c.  Additionally, CPU
  boards with the 53C90A SCSI controller require a patch to operate under

 Note that bug 1047696 in the installation of SunOS 4.1.1 and 4.1.1 Rev B
  causes trouble when mixing 1M and 4M SIMMs.  "Install the 4MB SIMMs in bank 0
  when installing miniunix."

 Note that SCSI bus errors may occur when multiple SCSI devices are used with
  boards below 501-1689-06.

 Note that boards below 501-1689-07 fail SunDiag floppy drive testing.

 Note that the 2.4, 2.6, and 2.9 boot PROM modes do not support SunOS 4.0.3c or
  4.1. Set the NVRAM parameter "version2?" to FALSE to enable the 1.7 boot PROM

 Power requirements (with a full 48M of 4M SIMMs) are +5V @ 3.7A.


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