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32M VME 4/4xx

 Thirty-two megabytes of ECC memory with onboard refresh control.

 All locations are with component side up and the VME connectors away from you.

 There are four jumpers.

  J0101   Enable SET.RDY (single jumper in far left)              JUMPED

  J0301   32M/128M (single jumper in far middle)                  JUMPED

  J0302   32M/128M (single jumper in far middle)                  UNJUMPED

  J0310-J0315   (block in near left corner, accessible through top of back
   edge, J0310 at bottom)

   0     first memory board (J0310 jumped)
   1     second memory board (J0311 jumped)
   2     third memory board (J0312 jumped)
   3     fourth memory board (J0313 jumped)
   4     fifth memory board (J0314 jumped)
   5     sixth memory board (J0315 jumped)

 There are five LEDs on the upper rear edge of the board.  In normal operation,
  only the two green LEDs should be lit.

  UE      Uncorrectable error (when lit)          RED

  CE      Correctable error (when lit)            YELLOW

  DIS     CPU access disabled (when lit)          YELLOW

  CPU     CPU accessing memory                    GREEN
   This LED flickers because it is only lit when the CPU is actually accessing
    the memory on the board. If the LED is not flickering, that simply means
    you have more memory than you need at the moment -- the board is not being
    accessed significantly.

  REF     Refresh OK (when lit)                   GREEN
   If this LED is not lit, refresh has failed and the board should be repaired
    or replaced.

 Note that SunOS 4.0.3 only supports up to 256M of memory, and SunOS 4.1
  (PSR A) requires the 4.1 PSR A Sun-4 PMEG patch to support over 256M of

 Power requirements are +5V @ 15.6A.


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