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16M 3U VME 4/330

 Up to sixteen 1M (501-1408, 501-1466, 501-1544, 501-1565, or 501-1697) or 4M
  (501-1682) SIMMs on a 3U VME board for use in the 4/330 only.

 The memory comes in four banks, but has only two configurations:
  banks 0 and 1 filled, or all banks filled.

  VME connector



 J0901   SIMM count

  Jumped for eight SIMMs, unjumped for sixteen.

 J0902   SIMM size

  Jumped for 1M SIMMs, unjumped for 4M SIMMs.

 Power requirements are +5V @ 1.1A.


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