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2M VME 3/75

 Two megabytes of memory and connectors for the piggyback SCSI board 501-1045.

 With the component side up and the VME connectors away from you, the D50 SCSI
  connector is in the near right corner, and the piggyback connectors are in
  the center and left middle.  The memory is in the far right quadrant.

 Jumper J3101 at the left far edge should be jumped, and J3102 just nearer
  should be unjumped.

 There are two eight-position DIP switches, each of which should have only one
  switch on, and all the rest off.  Switch 1 is to the left.  For this board,
  both should be set identically.

 U3118 and U3119

  1     not used
  2     start address 0x00200000 (is 3rd and 4th meg) cannot be used with 4M
         CPU boards
  3     start address 0x00400000 (is 5th and 6th meg)
  4     start address 0x00600000 (is 7th and 8th meg)
  5     start address 0x00800000 (is 9th and 10th meg)
  6     start address 0x00A00000 (is 11th and 12th meg)
  7     start address 0x00C00000 (is 13th and 14th meg) not documented for use
         with 2M CPU boards
  8     start address 0x00E00000 (is 15th and 16th meg) not documented for use
         with 2M CPU boards

 Power requirements are +5V @ 1.8A.


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